A Whole New Ballgame

Macy’s story is about the love for baseball and how fans feel regarding all about the game. It depicts how the game had a direct effect on the fans’ and players’ lives leaving behind a long-lasting influence, as well as a legacy that will be shared by many generations. The book offers a beautiful introduction to an area that is least explored in the history of baseball. It focuses on the crucial social history of baseball. Issues explicitly addressed include unwanted sexual moves from officials and alcoholism. The problems that women faced as a result of being the female gender in the world of greedy and selfish males who want to satisfy their lust at the expense of the women honor. Twelve seasons, from the year 1943-1954, is the period some of the best American athletes earn a living via playing the baseball. Their story in their words gets outlined in the book; chaperones and a tale that has no-hitters. Life is not fun as the games go on in war time, World War II.

Sport communication aspects in Macy’s book are seen in various sections and are pointed out in gender issues, as well as in political and nationalism in sports. The female baseball players faced abuse from the male couches. The males felt superior as the instructors and kept advancing towards the women players. They threatened to eliminate them from the teams if they failed to give in. The time is also marked by the feeling that women’s position was at home and so they were not accorded the respect that was due. Macy outlined the growth of the place of the woman in baseball when the women’s movement renewed the self-worth of this rejected gender. The league portrays a forum via which females got the rare opportunity to bond. Macy also narrates the changing attitudes story of both women and men and the expected roles each plays in society. The women’s professional games of baseball were performed during the war-torn era. The then American president, Roosevelt, had the idea of suspending major leagues. This thought inspired Branch Rickey and P.K. Wrigley to initiate the league formation. They communicated to the players, recruited them and placed teams in various cities in the Midwest.

Sports fan culture is illustrated in the Macy’s book. There is definite evidence that the game had many fans. It is shown that local support was needed as a significant element to the teams’ success. The support was available as the townspeople found an entertainment avenue that helped them deviate from the war-related stress such as sacrifice, hard work, and rationing. Game-time was happy-time, and every individual was accustomed to having beautiful moments out of the ordinary life. Baseball fans grew to include both genders, as well as children.

Other people should read this book. It is inspiring, entertaining, and educative. There is every reason to read and especially for baseball female players and lovers who want to comprehend the issues that surrounded the female players until they were accorded the respect they deserve. It tells how baseball was different from the period after the World War II when nobody undermined women. The book is also crucial for individuals who feel that the F gender belongs to someplace at home. It is an eye-opener for women who still live under the oppression of men barring them from soaring high. Macy also explains the problem that women face in sports in the hands of men in the name of couches and so cautioning them to be careful. Therefore, other people should not only read this book, but also recommend it to friends as well.