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Essay Tips 7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

Writing is a challenge even for the most experienced writers, but this task is just inevitable. We will not provide you with a universal remedy for all writing assignments, but general guidelines will help you stay focused on relevant goals of writing. So, let us start 🙂

How To Write An Effective Essay

Select A Subject

First of all, you should know what you are going to tell and what your point is. Blah-blah about nothing won't impress any professor. Select a topic and try to make it as narrow as possible. For example, if you are writing about the Industrial Revolution, try to mention what perspective you open: politics, history, society, culture, or perhaps a single nation. Your message must be distinct and to-the-point.

Make A Plan

Make sure that you organize your thoughts with an outline, scheme, word map, or goodness knows what scribblings, which you left in your notebook. But do not push hard that much: you need to recognize what you noted in the passion of brainstorming 🙂

Develop A Thesis Statement

It must be the key message of your entire paper. It outlines a particular attitude, fact, or prediction regarding the subject. It MUST be clear and well-detailed. The phrase I like cheese very much does not count; instead, you need to write I like cheese because it tastes good, healthy, and combines with various foods.

Write A Main Body

Here, you develop your main arguments by the provision of credible evidence, such as appeal to authoritative thinkers, provision of personal experience, explaining, or exemplifying something. Namely, the mentioned example with cheese means that you describe in detail the tastes, healthy qualities, and foods that combine good with cheese.

Write A Conclusion

Sum up what you have written and lead to the final message of your essay. Think about it carefully, as it is the last chance for you to convince your reader. Ensure that conclusion is sound and adequate enough.

Write An Introduction

Many tips for effective essay writing omit a very important thing: write an introduction the last! Introduction is an important part of your paper, so it is easier to develop this component when you already have what to introduce 😉

Leave It for a While and Proofread

If you have enough time, leave your writing unattended for some time and come back then. Proofread it and correct the mistakes that you'll surely find! Give your essay to your friend, professor, or proofreader at your institution writing-center. The more you polish your essay, the better.

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