Death Penalty Essay
Death Penalty Essay

March 19, 2020

When it comes to essay writing topics, the death penalty is among the most popular. In this article, we provide you with examples of introductions and conclusions for death penalty essays, along with several main body paragraph ideas. Feel free to select the one that reflects your own personal opinion about the topic and use it as a source of inspiration.

Death Penalty Assessment Essay Example to Read for Free

Death penalty is determined in most parts of the world as the capital punishment and is the pre-meditated taking of a life of a person who has committed capital crime. Capital punishment is a word from Latin meaning head, implying the severing of head by the law enforcing authorities after finding suspected convicted.

A long debate has been continuing for many years whether death penalty should be regarded as death penalty or not. Another option is the use of life time sentence for those who are convicted of high profile crimes. Because of the nature of the debate, USA is divided in opinions and different states have been following different capital punishments. Many human rights organizations observe death penalty as the denial of foremost right of an individual to live because it is a predetermined way of killing someone in the name of justice. However, some hard stances have also been observed against these human rights organizations especially Amnesty International where the arguments simply end with blood for blood. In many Muslim countries, capital punishment is death penalty as observed in their religious laws.

Various arguments are presented from both sides. The arguments in favour focus on the fact that killing a criminal is always justified. It is the responsibility of the citizens to make sure they eradicate such elements from the society that in some way will hinder the lives of those who are innocent. The hindrance that leads to death penalty is surely murders. If a murderer can take life, there should be no pity in the sentencing death penalty for the one who has committed this crime. The societal values play an important role in the determining of the laws. People when live a society, they are vulnerable to different people with different visions and values and in order to remain as a group they must comply with each others values. If this doesn’t happen the consequences can be very hard to determine and may lead to the destruction of the society. Therefore, the promise should be done for the preferences, and preference should be given to the society. This has been the main argument that has been provided in the favour of death penalty as a capital punishment. Though there have been some instances where the murderers have been either bailed or given life sentences critically stating that the measure of future threat by a criminal also plays important role in deciding whether or not death penalty is suitable. The examples are there where some murderers have been life sentenced or given a sentence of more than 50 years, critically finishing the life and some serial killers have been sentenced to death, terrorist pose much more danger to the society and therefore are also sentenced to death.

The arguments that are against the death penalty are often based on humanitarian rights, the right to live and the right to appeal for plea. Some people believe that social structure of the society restrain the criminal to gain proper legal help that can sometime put the life of an innocent suspect in jeopardy. In this case the life sentence by no means is the answer to the call. A movie, “Life of David Gale” focused on the events that can lead someone to death penalty, where real events determine afterwards that the person was innocent. The opponents of death penalty believe that life sentence should be employed as a capital punishment because in this way there is always a window of opportunity kept open which will determine whether or not person is convicted or not because sometimes not enough proof is used for the decisions. One more argument forward by the opponents has been the inconsistency in the judicial system which has been given the right to decide upon them who should be given death penalty or life sentencing. The decisions are based on the analysis which focuses on the future threat a criminal pose to the society. This, according to the opponents, is no of determining the level of punishment.

If we observe the prospects of death penalty by societal perspectives, we are forwarded to different notions and results. The pro of death penalty as capital punishment reveals that a society somehow becomes a better place to live in. There are many factors that need attention from the law enforcing authorities stating that implementation of death penalty somehow impact the stature and values of society. For example, it is quite true that the penalty is being exhibited in order to let other people know the consequences of the crimes they may commit. This also leads to the harmony and peace in the society because people are always known of the punishments they have to bear. The murderers should be hanged till death because they have killed humanity and they can even murder again so if they are caught they should be punished severely. But on other hand, is it really good to have death penalty to set an example for the others? Answer for this can be both yes and no and the option is based on different events that a society goes through. There are examples as well where the criminals, though of less severances, when released have shown better approach towards society by critically making their moral values to refrain from any offensive actions and they have become a better part of the working society. The correctional centres have really changed the lives of thousands and the good work is continuing, so there are chances that if someone who has murdered someone can effectively become a better part of the society, but the risk factor becomes a major aspect in the future consideration for the law enforcing authorities and judicial system and therefore they cannot be let go as easily as others might be. However, the opponents of death penalty don’t emphasize on the releasing of these criminals as well because they too believe that letting them free can bear severe consequences, but what they desire is the abolishment of the death as a capital punishment. They believe that there will be then no difference between that murderer and those who punish the murderer to death because same action is committed on both sides.

There have been different propositions on how the capital punishment should be practiced. Many believe that capital punishment of death penalty should only be practiced in extremely high profile cases where the evidence is concrete and a future threat is posed to a large part of the society. This may include terrorists who have been able to harassed and kill many people and there moral values have been obsessed with different methods to take advantage of innocent people. The bomb blasts that have been taken place in recent years in US or the public shooting acts at schools and other public places, must go through severe consequences, but these people should not be termed same as other murderers. The strength and nature of each event provides different objectives of same action and critically provide quite a different meaning as well. We have found out psycho killers who enjoy killing, and they should be punished. We have also seen people who are involved in drug trafficking but are not provided with capital punishments, depicts the different levels of interpretations which needs amendment.

On the whole, the situation demands change. The death doesn’t seem the solution of the problem. There have been different social theory schools of thoughts which imply the need for the better moral aspects of the society where people are taught through with the rights of the others to better provide certain liabilities on their accounts. This could greatly benefit the society, because otherwise the situation of death penalty as capital punishment may or may provide the expected fruits. There are various countries in the world who have politically tried to impact the social rights of the society including nearly all the European countries. The social rights of any society must prevail on the majority of opinion, and especially on the individual rights of the people to live. USA seems to be the only Western civilized country that is falling behind on this account and in recent years it also has been observed that death penalties have by no way impacted on the betterment of the society. The figures also show that America has nearly 25% of all the world prison population where it has only 5% of the world’s population. The incarnation figures provide sorry figure and dents the proclaiming of using death penalty as an important mode of correcting the remaining dwellers of the society. The steps need to be taken right now with right kind of conviction in thought process with emphasis on the provision of exclusive rights for the individuals.