Best Communication Tips for Men

Basic Tips on the Male guide to Female Communication

Intersex communication is important whatever you may think. So, I asked men and women what helps them understand each other better. Of course, men were those to provide me with more answers. So, here is how men advise men to talk to women. 

Guide for Men to Communication with Women 

Let me finish! This is the statement that is often used in arguments and it really works. Due to the historically driven patriarchal way of life, women are expected to be silent, speak less, and listen to men more. Thus, in the modern world, it is not going to work anymore. Equality means equality, so when your female partner talks to you, listen to her attentively and don’t interrupt. It will allow you to get the whole picture of her point of view. It’s important not only to listen but to hear the volumes of information of your woman.

Honesty. If you are wondering how to talk to women, learn the word “honesty”. It is what matters when you try to build a communication line. When you are honest, your woman understands you better. 

Touch. Touching is the basics of male female communication. It is an important part of non-verbal communication, like glances, gestures, and looks. You should be careful with touching, because there is no such science that will provide you with a touching guide, so it’s very intuitive. You have to feel the right moment and find out if it’s appropriate.  

Sorry. It seems to be the hardest word. Saying it is really the toughest part. However, at the same time, it is one of the most powerful tools for communication. When you say you’re sorry, you don’t admit that she is right and you are wrong. Remember, that you can be sorry even when the truth is on your side. 

So, the key to communication with women is intuition, understanding, and compromising.

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