Bad Dating Advice One Should Avoid When Creating Good Relations

Worst Pieces of Advice Your Friends Give You About Dating

There are numerous books, movies and songs devoted to love, but it still cannot be narrowed down to one primitive explanation. It is not a kind of science. It is hard even to give dating pieces of advice. However, your friends probably try to give such pieces of advice to you again and again. Here are several worst dating pieces of advice you can get from your friends.

If a Friend Advises You One of These, He/She is Giving Bad Advice

You will find your love when you are not even looking for it

Remember, your perfect guy will not fall out from the sky in front of you. Relations require efforts. It is you who decides how much effort you are ready to put in, but you have to realize that you will not meet the right person by simply sitting alone in your room.

A guy will not date you anymore if you have sex with him on the first date
The common reasoning behind this advice for a friend is the misconception that if a girl has sex with the guy too soon, he loses interest in her. However, you need to understand that he can as easily leave you if you sleep with him on the first date as he can if you wait for several weeks. If all the guy wants is sex, he will eventually lose interest, no matter how long you make him wait. However, if he is interested in relations, he will stay with you even if you sleep with him on the first date.
Let the guy make the first step
If you want something, just go and get it. Do not wait until it comes to you itself. This mentality concerns dating and relations, as well. If you are going to wait until the guy makes the first step, you can wait forever.
You should make him jealous
We all get jealous sometimes, but no one likes this feeling. It is normal to get a bit jealous when you are dating a person, but it is dull to play games. Making a guy jealous in hopes that he will become more interested in you can potentially backfire and leave both of you unhappy eventually. It is actually one of the worst dating tips you can get.
You can change him
Remember that you have no power to change any person except yourself. If the guy changes, it is just because he wants to. Sure, you can inspire him to do this, but it is only the guy who eventually decides if he will.

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