How to Make an Exploratory Essay Engaging?

An exploratory essay is concentrated on presenting detailed research of the problem. You may not know a lot of information about the discussed issue and your opinion about it may not be formed yet. However, in course of research you will find out considerable details about the subject you are examining. Therefore, you will be able to understand it clearly and provide readers with reasonable arguments and interesting content.

This type of paper is not aimed at dealing with only one piece of evidence concerning the explored question. On the contrary, it is focused on gathering several facts and examining them fully. Writing an exploratory essay means setting up an in-depth discussion participating in which will help readers broaden their outlook on the tackled problem.

Remember the following:

  1. An exploratory essay poses a question, which is then explored, rather than makes a statement.
  2. An exploratory paper can have different effects. It can cause a feeling of a necessity to solve the problem immediately, i.e. call readers for action. On the other hand, it can bear just an informative character.
  3. One of the purposes of this kind of work is to clearly present the results obtained from detailed research. An exploratory essay raises the problem in order to find an optimal solution to it. However, it also poses rhetorical questions the responses to which are obvious.
  4. The possible solutions to the identified problem are viewed from different angles.
  5. According to Plato’s or Hegel’s philosophy, an exploratory essay bears a dialectic character because it examines controversial issues which may cause philosophical disputes.

The topics for writing exploratory essays are numerous. Some of them are given below:

  • The Role of Green Peace
  • Sport and Its Influence on Health
  • Democracy: pros and Cons
  • Innovative Teaching Approaches
  • Immigrants: the Freedom of Choice

It does not matter what subject you select. It is important to be interested in it, as it will be reflected in your way of the paper writing.

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