In terms of working on the presented research question, much attention was paid to the issue related to the social disability which is widespread among the different groups of the population. Unfortunately, the tendency dedicated to the health disabilities among the patients remains rather tremendous. That is why the current investigation was called to reveal the most vulnerable categories of the population and outline the specific maladies which appear to be common among the population. Thus, the leading goal of this reflection is to provide a critical analysis of the received theoretical data and adopt a unique approach towards the treatment of this information.

After having conducted a detailed investigation among the representatives of the diverse national groups of the modern population, it turned out that national minorities are more common to experience such healthcare deviations (Fotso, 2012, p. 54). For instance, the majority of the Chinese people are called to deal with deafness received during from their birth. The other example can be found among the representatives of the Arabian groups. It seems that such people have a noticeable reduction of their physical mobility engendered by severe working conditions. As a result, these disability groups cannot receive an appropriate governmental financial assistance and remain incapable of giving a response to the societal problems or emergency issues (Fotso, 2014, p. 89). From my point of view, this gap is engendered by numerous social and national controversies which provoke such inequalities on a daily basis.

Moreover, the healthcare problems concerning the cognitive disorders, autism, mental illnesses and the deviation of normal eating habits also appeared to be rather widespread.

To conclude, it is essential to highlight that the presented discussion was called to reveal the particular characteristics of the general well-being among the diverse categories of the population. While the different kind of disabilities still appear to be actual in ordinary practice, the government is called to adopt efficient measures to improve the current situation.