Expert Guide to Writing an Argumentative Essay

There are many tips available on how to write argumentative essays, especially where putting it all together is concerned. The following are three essential pieces of advice on the process:

  • Identify a solid and preferably controversial subject on which to base your argument.
  • Make sure your essay is correctly formatted. This can be helpful for developing thoughts and ideas and getting them onto paper.
  • Do as much research as you possibly can. This means you should research your chosen topic in addition to looking at any directly opposing topics.

The greater the effort you put into choosing a worthwhile topic and supporting it with solid research, the more likely your essay is to be effective.  


How to Develop a Good Argumentative Essay

Once you have chosen a controversial and worthy topic, you are in a position to start putting your thoughts onto paper. This is the part where you build an outline that will ultimately become your definitive essay. 

The following are some useful tips to consider when writing an essay of the argumentative variety:

  • Choose a topic: From gun control and drug legalization to abortion and human trafficking, the choice of hot topics has no limits.
  • Consider your position: Do you support or oppose abortion? This is a topic that has a lot of support on both sides. In any case, you should feel comfortable and confident about your own stance.

It is important you are able to support your opinion and deftly weave your evidence into your viewpoint so that your essay and its arguments are solid and convincing. Put a lot of thought into the topic so that you are better able to see where you are going with your argument and how you are going to take it forward.

  • Do plenty background research: Undoubtedly, many others have argued this same topic – whether they were in favor or against – and there are many who may have written on it long before it even entered your thoughts.

Allow time to find out how previous students or experts argued their particular positions. This does not mean you should copy their stances, but their work may give you some tips and/or ideas on how the argument has ebbed and flowed and how you might take your thoughts forward.

Understand any opposition you may encounter: Almost all topics have two-sided arguments – in favor of and against. A good strategy to use when writing your essay is to understand any opposing views on the given issue. Once you understand what these might be or what rebuttals your opponents may use, you will have an advantage when it comes to knowing how to refute these. It is essential to know your opponents so that you can put up an effective counter-attack in your essay.

Arm yourself with all relevant facts: An argumentative essay will have little effect if it does not contain facts. There is no escaping the rule that facts are an absolute necessity if you are to soundly support the argument(s) you build to convey your views on controversial subject matter. No writer aspires to appear amateurish, and to avoid this happening, you will need verifiable and concrete facts to fully support your essay’s argument. If you do not have these, you are in danger of appearing badly prepared and unprofessional.

  • Choose a topic that interests you or you feel passionately about: If an argumentative essay lacks passion, then there is little in it to attract the readers’ attention. To convey an argument effectively, it is vital that the writer is deeply involved in their topic. Moreover, if the writer does not believe strongly in their argument, then their readers are unlikely to.  

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