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Article critique writing may be a troublesome task for those who like to express their ideas freely, considering that they need to write a concise and precise response to the questions of already published articles. The difficult and complex language of the articles that are to be critiqued challenges not only the identification of research concepts but their critique, as well.

In this respect, the difficulty of article critique writing is concerned with more than just reading and summarizing the article’s research. In this sense, the manner of the article’s careful and precise evaluation is set out to convince intended readers to read it. It takes to understand the purpose of the author to write a good critique. Furthermore, the critic should question himself/herself about the type of the article, whether it is a research article critique or a journal article critique. Considering that these types differ in their structure and guidelines, they should be fulfilled in different ways to achieve the best result of the critique. For instance, understanding of methodologies and results of research articles helps to understand the main purpose of the article, and if the former is not achieved, the latter – a fortiori.


Article Critique Writing Distinguishes Itself From a Summary

This process does not require your personal and creative input but rather demands a detailed and evidence-based discussion that provides support or disprove to the concepts and ideas in a published article.

Undisputable skills and exactness of reaction paper writing should be performed. First of all, a critic should read an article through and reflect its ideas. In this respect, some knowledge of qualified experts in the field will give an advantage in article analysis. In addition, to make arguments more convincing for intended readers, they should be recorded in a concise and credible manner.

In addition to the above, reaction paper writing or personal statement writing require a large amount of work to make out for a good article critique, whereby many critics have a limited timeframe to complete this process.

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Sometimes the habit of summarizing may negatively influence proper journal critique writing. In some cases, the nuisance of the process forces students to start summarizing articles. Therefore, students forget about the aspects of balanced, concise and comprehensive manner that should develop the article critique. Considering that some article should be formatted within the strict guidelines of APA format, students are challenged with following them and keeping of the article critique components at sight. In addition, some students just do not understand APA format guidelines. This is why an article critique of any “type” is not another pair of shoes.

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