8 Best TED Talks on Psychology

February 5, 2018

A human is an irrational but wonderful creature, who sometimes acts in strange ways. This often makes us difficult, but it also is a reason why we are totally charming.

Each of our fads is fuel for psychologists, who are striving to get in our heads and uncover the processes, which force us to be so unpredictable and sophisticated. Getting an understanding of what such explorations have uncovered is an amazing way to discover something new about human nature; besides, it can help you achieve success in relationships.

Best TED Talks from Leading Psychologists

Here are some of the best TED talks from leading psychologists, so if you are looking for TED watch online, here they are.

  1. How we read each other's minds, Rebecca Saxe

Rebecca Saxe is a professor of neuroscience and is known as a "superstar of psychology." She affirms that we do not have to be mediums to read each other's minds. She explains, in which way temporoparietal junction allows us to be great at sensing others' feelings and thoughts.

When you listen to it, you will understand why this one is on the top of our list of TED talks for high school students who are passionate about scientific analysis.

How we read each other's minds, Rebecca Saxe

  1. The power of vulnerability, Brene Brown

In this TED talk, Brown describes her own struggles with shame and shares amazing personal anecdotes. She has done a very thorough research in popular psychology to persuade viewers that building real and strong relationships requires the bravery to be defenseless.

The power of vulnerability - Brené Brown

  1. The riddle of experience vs. memory, Daniel Kahneman

Kahneman is one of the most famous psychologists today, who has won the Nobel Prize and the bestselling author of great works. This 20-minutes long TED talk explains that there are two flavors of happiness: the kind a person experiences in the moment and the one a person experiences in our memories. To maximize our well-being in life we have to keep both in mind.

Daniel Kahneman - The riddle of experience vs. memory - TED Talk

  1. What makes us feel good about our work?, Dan Ariely

Are you trying to find some great TED talks psychology of happiness? If yes, then you should definitely watch this one; it is really motivating to work. In this talk, Ariely describes an experiment, which proves that the best motivation is the feeling of being appreciated.

What makes us feel good about our work?, Dan Ariely

  1. Flow, the secret to happiness, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

An excellent work is in this TED talks topics list because here, a famous psychologist tries to provide an answer to the main question in life: What makes a person happy? He insists that the answer is flow – a feeling we experience when we get concentrated on work we are really good at.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the Secret of Happiness

  1. The paradox of choice, Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz argues that more choice makes us not freer but conversely more paralyzed and dissatisfied. This psychologist's works are definitely worth listening.

 Barry Schwartz | The paradox of choice

  1. Are we in control of our own decisions?, Dan Ariely

If you look at the list of TED talks motivation to study, you will always see this economist's name. Here, an author uses classic visual illusions and his own research findings to demonstrate that people are not as rational as they think when they make decisions.

Dan Ariely - Are we in control of our decisions - TED Talk

  1. The psychology of evil, Philip Zimbardo

Psychology explores also darker sides of human nature and things that drive us toward unethical evil behavior. In this TED talk, Zimbardo shares unique photos from the Abu Ghraib trials. However, he also describes the reverse side: how easy it can be to be a hero.

Psychology of Evil-Phil Zimbardo

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