5 Tips for Writing College Essays

5 Tips for Writing College Essays

If you’re struggling with writing at college, remember that we’re all in the same boat because this activity rarely comes natural to anyone.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this short list of tips that will give you an insight into how you should organize your work.

College Essay Tips on Preparing

Read the given text without skipping footnotes or appendices. Sometimes, these seemingly unimportant additions contain valuable information that might be used in your essay. Also, write down any ideas that cross your mind when you read every part. They can later be used in the essay; otherwise, it would be hard to recall all emotions that a big piece of writing has evoked.

Staying Reasonable

Avoid anything that might be seen as stereotypical or biased. These points can be really hard to justify and they rarely carry new and fresh ideas. In case you’ve chosen a controversial topic and try to defend an unpopular opinion, don’t appeal to the reader’s emotions. This approach is never appreciated, because if you can’t justify your thought reasonably, it means you don’t really know much about it.

Thesis Statement

The secret of excellent writing is in a good thesis sentence. Be specific and highlight the exact topic of your essay. The main mistake students make is using rhetoric questions in their thesis statement. Never do that, because it creates an impression that you aren’t knowledgeable enough in your topic.


Write about something you personally believe in, otherwise it will be really hard to convince the reader to support your point. A useful trick is refuting counter arguments. If you can acknowledge other points of view but still prove your own to be the right one, then your essay will fulfil its main mission.

Introduction and Conclusion

Whatever technique you choose to start your essay off, don’t drift away from the main topic. Relevancy is the key in this case. When it comes to the conclusion, let the reader know that they haven’t wasted their time reading your piece. Finish with the thing you want them to take away.

Once you’ve gone through all the main stages of essay writing, edit and proofread the text a few times to fish out any errors. When you find your essay honed to perfection, you can hand it in confidently.

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