11 Ways How to Find Passion in Your Life

how to invite passion and inspiration back into your life

Life is a beautiful teacher, but sometimes, after its lessons, we may feel devastated and lost, bored and frustrated, lacking energy and being a grey uninspired vegetable.

So, finding a way to get back to normal life with a necessary spark is quite a challenge.

Useful tips to refresh your feeling of inspiration and joy

1. Do the opposite

Usually being in low spirits causes inability to do anything. Just because you don’t want to. However, taking the opposite action is what usually works best, even if you are out of energy and your only desire is to hang around at home and do nothing. Do something opposite, go and do something when you want to stay at home.

2. Stretch your body

Feeling inspired is connected with your physical state, and vice a versa. So, if you are down, try to take physical action like jogging, yoga, working out, riding a bicycle. Movement will make your mind more flexible.

3. Have fun

Do some funny and crazy things. Do things that you have never done before. Explore new things and topics. New experiences will help you to find passion and inspiration.

4. Be creative

DIY. Write, do the scratchbook, play any musical instrument, craft things. Launching your creativity will help you to drift back from your depressive state. 

5. Dream and talk about it

Speak about your dreams and about what you want to happen. Write down things you are dreaming about.

6. Focus on your feelings

Point out your positive feelings, not the suffering you experience. Try to cherish the moment and focus on what you are feeling here and now. Not the things that you could have experienced.

7. Do things that interest you

Try to find the things that do interest you at least a little bit in the ocean of “I don’t like it” and “Nothing excites me”.  No matter what, still there should be things that you are interested in. So, stick to them. This is the start.

8.  Go back to nature

Go outside the city, into the woods or deserts, onto the shoreline of a lake or sea. Any place where you will have some privacy with nature.

9. You positive thinking matters

Control your black and white thoughts. Try to reduce the words with negative meaning.

10. Isolation for thinking

When you try self-isolation, remember about the timing. If you need to think some stuff over, don’t do it for too long. Get back to work as soon as possible.

11. Say No! to depression

All these things are the signs of depression, so get the treatment and remember that you should live your life with passion.

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