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Why Psychologists Do Research


Psychology is a branch of medicine which mainly deals with the investigations of the functions, depths and complexities of the mind so as to get an understanding on why humans and even animals behave in the manner they do. Psychology is undertaken with the purpose of helping people in therapy, or in an attempt to learn more about humans in general. Psychology being a wide field of study has been divided into several classes which mainly deal by focusing on a certain area of the human and animal behavior which gives a better understanding of behavior. These classes of Psychology include clinical psychology, industrial psychology, social psychology and developmental psychology among others (Lester, 2003). A psychologist is a person trained in psychology whose main work is to study how the human mind functions by observing things like cognition, behavior and affect. Psychologists range from psychotherapists to clinical psychologists.

Some of the things a psychologist can study including studying people to learn more about them or even animals in an attempt to understand the basic behavior mechanisms (Bourne & Russo, 1998). To do this, psychologists study patterns that will give them understanding and predict behavior and are required to do research in a systematic way which allows them to collect and understand data. Research is an extremely important part in psychology as it helps us to understand what makes people reason, sense and also act in certain ways. In addition, it allows us to group psychological disorders so as to comprehend the symptoms and impact on the individual and society. It also helps us to understand how relationships, development, schools, family, peers, and religion affect us as individuals and as a society and allows us to develop effective treatments to improve the quality of life of individuals and groups (Gray, 2010).


Psychological research studies have continued to be an important part in scientific research as they have provided, to a great extent the explanation to the human and animal behavior mechanism. Psychologists study mental processes and human behavior through observation, interpreting and recording the relation between the people and their environment. This they do by finding patterns that gives them an understanding and enable them to predict behavior using scientific principles, methods and procedures to test their findings. They formulate theories and hypotheses which they use to explain their findings and observations which give one an understanding of the workings of the behavior mechanism (Feldman, 1999). As a result of research, psychologists have been able to learn a lot on behavior which has greatly helped to increase the understanding among people, groups, organizations, institutions and even culture.

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