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Administrator Challenges


Police officers have the main duty enforcing the law. The police assist the society in fighting criminals, arresting the criminals, helping to persecute them and investigating crimes through the collection of evidence. In their line of duty, the police face several issues and challenges that affect the effectiveness and efficiency in which they fight crime. Despite the issues, the police gain satisfaction in the role they play in the society and the country at large. In this paper, we look at the challenges facing the police and how they gain satisfaction in their work.

Challenges facing the police force

One of the key issues facing the police as criminal justice administrators is police brutality. The police are expected to make rapid decisions with relation to matters of life and death. They are subjects of extreme danger and stress due to the nature of their death. Under these pressures, the police make instant decisions, which sometime involve killing the criminals. This has exposed the police force to many criticisms from the human rights agencies on the killing of criminals. In some instances, many police officers have been killed in the line of duty for failing to make fast decisions.

The other challenge facing the police is the rampant corruption facing the force. Due to the poor working conditions and pay for the police force, most of the officers have engaged in corruption to make their lives better.  The police have used forceful search warrants to confiscate property and money for their own use. This has been a big issue that the police force in many parts of the world lead as the most corrupt institutions.

Illegal drugs and firearms are the other challenge facing the police force. In most of world parts, there is an increased use and demand for illegal drugs. Drugs have become a common element in the cities and recently, in the rural areas. Since these drugs are illegal, people have to use illegal means to get the drugs. It is a fact that most people owning the drug cartels are highly influential people in the society, and this affects the ability of the police to fight against the use of drugs. In addition, firearms have become readily available to criminals and this makes the work of the police exceedingly difficult. In most cases, the criminal have more superior firearms than the police, which make it extremely dangerous for the police to hunt down such criminals.

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